At  the BRCC, we believe in the power of our voices and yours.  All people have a critical role to play in advocating on behalf of and with survivors for a better understanding of the issue of sexual violence.

Advocates work in our community to shift attitudes and behaviors regarding sexual violence.  We speak out for better institutional responses.  We work with our hospitals, our police departments, our prosecutors’ offices to ensure that when a survivor meets these professionals, they will be met with understanding, compassion, and support.  Advocates engage the people around them to challenge misconceptions around sexual assault and draw more people into the movement to end violence.

We want to inspire you to lend YOUR voice to this movement.  You don’t have to be a survivor to support survivors.  You don’t have to love someone who is a survivor to know that sexual violence is everyone’s problem.  Sexual violence is a community issue.

How can you begin advocating for change right now?  Here are a three easy ways to get you started:

  • Write a letter to your legislator to let them know this issue is important to you, that you support survivors and legislation that supports survivors.
  • Have conversations with the people you know and love, telling them why you care and why they should too.
  • Come join us when we rally, or when we walk, or when we speak out publicly about the unacceptable reality of sexual violence in our communities.

To learn more about our advocacy efforts, please contact Jennifer Johnson at and follow us on Facebook.