Group Programs

The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center offers a variety of group experiences to survivors of sexual violence and community members. These programs are intended to supplement and expand survivors’ network of support as well as provide unique opportunities for personal growth and healing.  Programs utilize a variety of methods and activities to engage survivors across a spectrum of needs.

Interested in participating in a BRCC group? Reach out to our Groups Coordinator, Leigh Koestch,,  or call our business line, (859) 253-2615.

Equine Assisted Survivors of Trauma Therapy Group (E.A.S.T.T.)

E.A.S.T.T.  is a 6 week therapeutic group designed to give survivors of sexual trauma the opportunity to discuss common challenges of traumatic stress in a supportive group environment.

Participants will spend the first hour of each session in a guided discussion about a specific topic related to self-care, traumatic stress, or relationship challenges. Participants will spend the last two hours of each session working with an equine partner to build a relationship with that horse. Activities include practicing grounding and relaxation, and engaging in a different activity each week designed to further healing and increase self-awareness. Participants will work with the same equine partner for all 6 weeks of group, creating an opportunity to practice relationship skills with a sentient being that is both intuitive and non-judgmental.

Both the discussion portion of group and the equine activities will be done in the company of other group members and the group facilitators to encourage discussion and support.

Yoga Group

Cindy Reed instructs a yoga class.
Cindy Reed instructs a yoga class.

“An essential aspect of recovering from trauma is learning ways to calm down, or self-regulate. For thousands of years, yoga has been offered as a practice that helps calm the mind and body. More recently, research has shown that yoga practices, including meditation, relaxation, and physical postures, can reduce autonomic sympathetic activation, muscle tension, and blood pressure, improve neuroendocrine and hormonal activity, decrease physical symptoms and emotional distress, and increase quality of life. For these reasons, yoga is a promising treatment or adjunctive therapy for addressing the cognitive, emotional, and physiological symptoms associated with trauma, and PTSD specifically.” — Emerson, Sharma, Chaudhry & Turner (2009)

This class is appropriate for most levels of physical ability and will be beginning level. The Mindfulness focus will allow students to leave class with principals they can practice on and off the mat.

Partnering with Other Agencies

At BRCC, we recognize the value in working cooperatively with a variety of organizations to provide holistic services to survivors in the Bluegrass. Following this philosophy, we often partner with outside agencies to design and implement group programming to address needs common to clients served by BRCC and our partners. In the past, we have partnered with The Nest, Center for Women, Children and Families, Step by Step Lexington, and Chrysalis House to provide group programs.

Would your organization like to partner with BRCC to design group programming for your clients? Reach out to our Groups Coordinator, Leigh Koestch at or call our business line, (859) 253-2615 during business hours.