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GGC Leeann(1)

1) How and when did you get involved at BRCC? What is your Role?
I became involved with BRCC as a volunteer in 1996—Today my role is being the director of the therapy program

2) What drives you to be a leader at BRCC? What about the mission in particular motivates your work?
I’m driven to be a leader here because I believe in our mission and I’m also extremely lucky to work with such amazing, competent, dedicated therapists who are equally passionate about providing the best services we can to everyone we serve.

I am motivated by the fact that we are an agency that does what we can to truly hear survivors, we believe survivors, we do not judge survivors, we advocate for survivors, we’re present with survivors, and we hold hope for anyone impacted by sexual violence.

3) What is the most embarrassing thing in your Netflix rotation? Probably Penny Dreadful. :/

4) What do you gain by being a part of BRCC?
I feel fortunate to get to work for an agency that makes a positive difference for individuals and our community.

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GGC Emily M

1. How and when did you get involved at BRCC, what is your role?
I was introduced to the work of BRCC in 2008, when a representative presented to my Berea College wellness class. She shared the agency mission and information on sexual violence in a way that really motivated me to get involved. I began volunteering shortly after, which was an incredibly powerful experience and only added to my passion for social service work. Now, I serve as the Regional Coordinator in the Richmond area – the very same role once filled by that BRCC representative who inspired me nearly ten years ago.

2. What drives you to be a leader at BRCC? What about this mission in particular motivates your work?
Knowing that sexual violence impacts everyone at some level, whether directly or indirectly, drives me to continue this work. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed or feel powerless in the face of such a large issue, I believe we all have a role to play. I’m continuously motivated by the empowerment component of our mission, because it applies to many different aspects of the work. Empowering individual survivors and the communities in my service area is incredibly rewarding because I know we are so much more powerful as a collective.

3. Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster?
Tiny elephant. Hamster teeth freak me out. ((THIS SHOULD DEFINITELY BE THE QUOTE BY MY PICTURE, imo))

4. What is something people would never guess you do in your role?
I love the variety involved in my role as Regional Coordinator. I get to interact with so many different types of people and collaborate with community partners from many different fields.

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Will Nash GGC

1. How and when did you get involved at BRCC, what is your role?
I joined the BRCC board a year ago in order to give back to my community and get involved with a non-profit that positively impacts countless individuals across the bluegrass region.

2. What drives you to be a leader at BRCC? What about this mission in particular motives your work?
I believe every man has a responsibility to fight against sexual harassment, assault and violence and to promote spaces that are safe for all women. There are a number of incredible women in my life and the odds that one of them will be harassed or assaulted are simply too high. Men are the problem and we must be an integral part of the solution.

3. What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit that you love?
I often get sucked into really bad infomercials. Luckily I very rarely buy anything (that my wife knows of).

4. Why should someone get involved with BRCC?
We’ve seen a number of powerful men crumble in the last few weeks due to their inappropriate acts. Unfortunately these actions are not limited to those we see on television–sexual harassment and assaults take place everyday in central Kentucky. BRCC is a powerful force for change that continues to need monetary support and volunteers in order to achieve our ultimate mission.

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