The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center (BRCC) is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and philosophies who are united by a commitment to end sexual violence.

Our Vision

We envision a world free of all forms of violence and oppression. We see communities that offer safety and compassion for all. We believe that it’s possible for people to live in empowering relationships characterized by respect and equality.

The Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center (BRCC) models the change we want to see in the world. All our services create opportunities for empowerment within the agency and the broader community. Our work is guided by a spirit of forward movement, openness, and shared power.

We envision that our services are offered in ways that result in individual life changes and broader social change. BRCC intentionally nurtures this movement through investments that provide an opportunity for safety, growth, and empowerment.

We are guided by a vision of collaboration and engagement that causes people to see that sexual violence is everyone’s issue. Individuals and communities will take ownership for the many faces of sexual violence. We work collaboratively so that all might benefit from living in a world free of sexual violence and human trafficking. We include people of all backgrounds and cultures in this movement to make our vision a reality.

Our Mission

  • Empower all people to make changes that improve safety, respect, and equality in their own lives and in their communities.
  • Create a safe refuge that welcomes survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking to engage in the healing process as we believe in and validate their experiences.
  • Advocate for individuals affected by sexual violence and human trafficking with respect for the personal rights and needs of each person.
  • Educate the community by providing both information and perspective to raise awareness and promote the prevention of sexual violence and human trafficking.


We advance this mission through crisis intervention, therapy, advocacy and education.

Our Values

  • We believe in the capacity for survivors to heal and grow.
  • We believe in empowering people through experiences of respect and equality.
  • We respect the unique experiences of each survivor.
  • We support people to find their own power to improve the quality of their lives.
  • We believe that survivors are experts in their own experiences, which is crucial to their healing process.
  • We act with authenticity and integrity by staying true to these core values in all we do.
  • We respect the contributions of all stakeholders. We work together to empower each other in positive ways under our shared commitments to the movement.

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