In times of crisis, it is important to concentrate on ways to take care of ourselves and reduce stress. Below are some suggestions that you may find helpful.

Physical Activities | Go for a walk | Do yard work | Take a jog | Vacuum | Dance | Chop wood | Rake leaves

Relaxing Activities | Listen to music | Take a bath or shower | Take a nap | Read a book or magazine | Rock | Watch a movie | Watch television

Creative Activities | Draw | Paint | Write a song or poem | Write a letter | Bake | Use a journal | Work a puzzle | Garden | Knit or crochet

Grounding Ideas | Take deep breaths while counting each time you breath out | Stand up and walk around the room | Ask others to help you stay connected to the present by talking to you

Whether you do these activities with someone in your support system or schedule time alone, you can take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Struggling with taking care of your needs during a crisis? Call our 24-hour crisis hotline (1.800.656.4673) to speak with a crisis counselor about self care and stress relief.