Volunteers at the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center use their talents, interests and passion to advocate for and support victims of sexual violence. We are a committed community network of individuals striving to put an end to all violence; through service, education and intervention we work to show survivors that they are not alone.

All BRCC volunteers receive free training on crisis intervention, active listening, and victim advocacy with an emphasis on local needs. This rigorous training allows our volunteers to serve survivors in many ways. Below are descriptions of our services that rely on volunteer support.

Want to become a volunteer with BRCC?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Alli Sehon (alexandria.sehon@bluegrassrapecrisis.org) or call our business line (859-253-2615) during regular business hours.

24-Hour Crisis Line
Our Crisis Hotline is a toll-free service staffed by highly trained, volunteer crisis counselors 24 hours a day. Counselors offer support and information to callers on the crisis line, providing community referrals for healthcare, law enforcement or legal aid, and information on BRCC services.

Medical Advocacy
Volunteers respond to calls from emergency rooms located in all 17 counties in our service area to provide support to recent survivors of sexual assault, as well as friends or family members. Medical advocates can give information on the hospital process and offer follow up counseling services from BRCC. Our volunteers work alongside medical professionals and law enforcement as part of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART).

Community Engagement Assistance
Volunteers staff booths and tables at community awareness events, festivals, and celebrations to promote awareness about sexual violence and to disseminate information about BRCC services. Community engagement events bring BRCC services to diverse communities and volunteers facilitate the success of these events.

Student Opportunities
Bachelor’s level students placed at the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center have an opportunity to gain and hone crisis intervention and counseling techniques and serve survivors of sexual assault. In addition to answering our 24-hour crisis hotline and providing medical and legal advocacy services during business hours, students help potential new clients access services and answer questions relating to BRCC and sexual violence.

Bachelor’s level students will be managed and provided with ongoing supervision by BRCC’s Crisis Response Coordinator, Caitlin Bentley (caitlin.bentley@bluegrassrapecrisis.org). For more information on student opportunities with BRCC, call 859-253-2615 during business hours.

Note:  Volunteers who provide crisis counseling services receive 40 hours of state-mandated training, plus continuing education opportunities, supervision, and support. They also participate in quarterly meetings to receive further support and to stay up-to-date in training, legislation, and general business of BRCC.

Volunteer Testimonial

“I volunteer at the BRCC because I believe whole heartedly in a person’s right to choose. A person’s right to own their sexuality without having to be shamed, belittled, made to feel less than, or made to feel as though they are doing something wrong. I believe that no means no, period. Being able to help someone begin to reclaim their right to say what happens to their body is beyond rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Also, the BRCC just plain rocks :)”

-Melissa E.

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